Dating program affiliate team

You can either use this beautiful printable as an additional decoration to your breakfast tray or even wrap it up as a Mother’s Day gift. Make sure to use our quick and easy printable food toppers to adorn your Mother’s Day breakfast in bed tray. An added bonus, we have included a tray pick-up card!

Dating program affiliate team

For additional information, email Sergeant Doug Morse or call (916) 808-0985.

The Sacramento Police Cares program was originally established as the "Sacramento Community Cares Program" in 2012.

Adorn her favorite foods with our gorgeous embellishments.

When you walk in with her beautiful breakfast order and our coordinating gifts, she will be thrilled!

Sacramento Police Cares has evolved since its inception, but the core values have stayed the same - to provide non-monetary assistance to people in immediate, emergent needs.

SPC originated with the intent to help "good people down on their luck." The primary focus was to be able to assist people any time of day who were stranded in Sacramento and in need of bus tickets, hotel rooms, fuel, food, etc.

If you think the Cops & Clergy team can help or support, please email the following information to [email protected]: The 5th Sacramento Police Community Engagement Academy will be starting on April 26, 2018.

Please see our brochure and application for more information and to apply.

For additional information, email Officer Lilia Vasquez or call (916) 808-0869.

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