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In fact, both the first and second seasons of “River Monsters” drew upon the research Jeremy had done over decades.

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His brother, who traveled with Jeremy on that trip to the Congo, says he was terrified he would have to leave Jeremy’s body behind.

“It was a horrible trip — ridiculous,” Martin says.

“I had to tell him when he was out in the middle of nowhere,” Martin says. I could hear this crack in him — it was quite disturbing.”Later, when their mother was ill, Jeremy became her primary caretaker, living with her in England for five years until she died.

“I think he realized there comes a time when you need to tell people how you feel about them and acknowledge that they are important to you,” Martin says.

“There were various trips when I didn’t achieve anything apart from wasting time and money,” Jeremy says about his often-demoralizing adventures.

“I suppose the way I was living didn’t make a lot of sense.”Martin says Jeremy’s unconventional lifestyle includes distaste for material things, so much so that Jeremy never cared what he looked like or where he lived.

“The water was like mud, there were no fish and we were stranded up river on a log raft with a drunken skipper.” It got worse.

Government officials interrogated him; he lived on blackened fish corpses, slept in filthy, bedbug-infested rooms, caught malaria and nearly died.

Unencumbered by marital obligations, he alone would pay the price for following his dreams.

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