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TCF’s deepest condolences go out to Ambassador Ilkin's family during this difficult time.

The Turkish Cultural Foundation is pleased to invite applications for nominations for the UNESCO Prize for Girls' and Women's Education (GWE).

As a non-governmental organization in official relations with UNESCO, TCF is eligible to nominate up to three candidates for this award.

Awarded for the first time in 2016, it is the first UNESCO Prize of this nature and is unique in showcasing successful projects that improve and promote the educational prospects of girls and women and in turn, the quality of their lives.

Supported by the Turkish Cultural Foundation (TFC), the Vehbi Koç Ankara Studies Research Center (VEKAM) is hosting an exhibition that explores the history of Ankara sof fabric. Koç Museum in Ankaraand will remain on display until Sept. Curated by VEKAM Director Filiz Yenişehirlioğlu and Gözde Çerçioğlu Yücel, the exhibition will present sof and mohair textiles from the collections of the Ankara Ethnographical Museum, Sadberk Hanim Museum and Topkapi Palace Museum.

The exhibition will showcase the trade's history dating back to the 16th century when it grew into a hallmark of Ankara's textile production and international commerce and was traded in Europe's leading countries of the time, including the Republic of Venice, Holland, Great Britain and Poland.

Vanishing into oblivion in the 19th century, efforts are underway to bring the textile tradition back to Ankara. The TCF Cultural Heritage Preservation and Natural Dyes Laboratory (DATU) also contributed to the exhibition by providing valuable knowledge about natural dyes and the mohair dyeing process.

A similar project, Kuwait's Engineer Girls, was initiated in 2017.

TCF nominated Sabancı University Gender and Women's Studies Center of Excellence for its Purple Certificate Program-PCP (Mor Sertifika Programı), a consciousness raising program which aims to introduce gender-mainstreaming into the Turkish high school system and curricula.

The programs undertaken by the two nominees help to enhance opportunities for girls and women in Turkey, while strengthening gender sensitivity and equality.

We hope that they will be found worthy of the prize and wish them the best of success in their efforts," stated TCF Chairman Dr. TCF nominated Limak Foundation for its leadership and efforts in raising awareness on gender equality and women empowerment in Turkey through the Foundation's Engineer Girls of Turkey (Türkiye'nin Mühendis Kızları-TMK) flagship program.

The program aims to target the disproportionate representation of women in engineering at both the academic and professional levels in Turkey.

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