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These are laid out with three columns: Use for a complete record issued to confirm advance information approximately six months before publication; or for a complete record issued after that date and before information has been confirmed from the book-in-hand Use when sending an instruction to delete a record which was previously issued.

Note that a Delete instruction should NOT be used when a product is cancelled, put out of print, or otherwise withdrawn from sale: this should be handled as a change of Publishing status, leaving the receiver to decide whether to retain or delete the record.

Begins ‘10.978.’ or ‘10.979.’ and includes a / character between the registrant element (publisher prefix) and publication element of the ISBN, eg 10.978.000/1234567.

Note the ISBN-A should always be accompanied by the ISBN itself, using Japanese magazine identifier, similar in scope to ISSN but identifying a specific issue of a serial publication.

Five digits to identify the periodical, plus a hyphen and two digits to identify the issue Used only with comic books and other products which use the UPC extension to identify individual issues or products. For example, printed children’s books are ‘’, but the periods are normally ommited in ONIXCommon Procurement Vocabulary, uses to describe requirements for tender for public tendering and procurement within the EU.

Do not use where the UPC12 itself identifies the specific product, irrespective of any 5-digit extension – use code 04 instead Statistical Classification of Products by Activity in the European Economic Community, see Code is a nine digit number (including the check digit). uri=URISERV:l22008In UK, an edition intended primarily for airside sales in UK airports, though it may be available for sale in other territories where exclusive rights are not held.

If the translator has also provided a commentary on the work itself, codes B06 and A21 should be used A digital product that, at the time of publication, has or had no print counterpart and that is or was not expected to have a print counterpart for a reasonable time (recommended at least 30 days following publication)Where a text is available in both student and teacher’s editions; use also for instructor’s or leader’s editions, and for editions intended exclusively for educators where no specific student edition is available The highest-numbered page in a single numbered sequence of main content, usually the highest Arabic-numbered page in a book; or, for books without page numbers or (rarely) with multiple numbered sequences of main content, the total number of pages that carry the main content of the book.

Note that this may include numbered but otherwise blank pages (eg pages inserted to ensure chapters start on a recto page) and may exclude unnumbered (but contentful) pages such as those in inserts/plate sections.

It should exclude pages of back matter (eg any index) even when their numbering sequence continues from the main content.

Either this or the Content Page count is the preferred page count for most books for the general reader.

Textbooks published for the higher education market are generally adopted for use in particular classes by the instructors of those classes.

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