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The archives and its staff are not accustomed to foreigners so be prepared to explain to the guard at the front desk what it is you want to do.The Lutheran Church in Simferopol supposedly has a list going back to the early 1800s of all German families who emigrated to Crimea under Catherine the Great, or so it was said at the Archive.On 30 March 2014 at , when it would normally have changed to Eastern European Summer Time, Crimea advanced the clocks even more to be in the same time zone as Moscow.

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However it almost never snows on the southern coast of Crimea.

The water is fairly warm, although not as warm as the Adriatic.

The water is clean and clear, although also a bit less clear than the Adriatic, and its mostly warm June through September.

January Hi 7*C (47*F) Lo 6*C (38*F) February Hi 47*F (7*C) Lo 38*F (5*C) March Hi 54*F (11*C) Lo 44*F (6*C) April Hi 60*F (15*C) Lo 49*F (10*C) May Hi 72*F (22*C) Lo 55*F (12*C) June Hi 77*F (26*C) Lo 60*F (15*C) July Hi 81*F (28*C) Lo 66*F (19*C) August Hi 90*F (32*C) Lo 70*F (21*C) September Hi 79*F (26*C) Lo 64*F (18*C) October Hi 70*F (21*C) Lo 58*F (14*C) November Hi 56*F (13*C) Lo 48*F (9*C) December Hi 47*F (8*C) Lo 37*F (3*C) The Crimean parliament has ordained that there are three official languages in the region: Russian is the universal language of communication. Few people have more than a passing knowledge of English.

Regardless of your position on Crimean independence and the peninsula's annexation by Russia, for all intents and purposes of trying to get into Crimea will require you to go through Russian authorities, so please look at the Russia page for visa information and other customs information.

Unless you are a Ukrainian citizen, entering Crimea from mainland Ukraine will also require you to get a special permission from the national migration service.A few select older people have some familiarity with German, which may be of some use.Those proficient or familiar with Turkish will have a great deal of success in communicating with Tatar speakers.However, note that most countries consider such visits as an illegal crossing of Ukraine border and support for the Russian occupation; all such visitors risk getting a long-term ban from Ukraine.Simferopol International Airport was a major hub in Ukraine and had both domestic connections with Ukraine and several international flights.The peninsula was the site of the Crimean War, between 18, and gave rise to modern nursing, live war reporting, the infamous Charge of the Light Brigade and the Balaclava (woollen head garment).

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