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It will not take long for a control freak in hiding to show her true colors.

She is bound to start complaining or making requests of you shortly after you meet her, so be wary of these, even if they seem small in nature.

Men must beware the lionesses in sheep’s clothing by identifying the signs of danger early on in the relationship, before it’s too late and she has you in her cage of control forever.

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The flags should also go up if she spends half the date checking her hair or reapplying her make up – unless the two of you are drinking excessively, there is really no reason why she should have to run off to the bathroom every half an hour.

As for her mannerisms, you might detect some controlling ways early on by observing her interactions with others.

Is she open to new things, willing to embarrass herself and not easily frustrated by her shortcomings?

Or does she clam up, and blame other people and problems when things are not going her way?

Make sure that your questions are open ended and non accusatory.

As a woman begins to open up to you, then you can ask her more direct questions.If she is obviously offended by your suggestion to meet your friends for a quick beverage and seems determined to have you all to herself before she even knows you very well, then she is likely one of those lionesses that must be avoided.A normal, caring girl would be interested to meet the people you care about, and willing to spend part of an evening with them. Everyone gets frustrated once in a while and is entitled to a few curses or words of discouragement.So what if you missed the warning signs and the woman that you are dating seems to be becoming the most controlling person in your life – how can you be sure when she has crossed the line, or if she is just concerned about you?A control freak will try to regulate everything you do.If you have a date with a woman, you should not have to wait half an hour while she does her hair or make up.

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