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Wind-up gramophones use Gramophone Needles, which should be replaced after each record has been played.

Any flat disc record, made between about 1898 and the late 1950s and playing at a speed around 78 revolutions per minute is called a "78" by collectors.

Generally 78s are made of a brittle material which uses a shellac resin (thus their other name is shellac records).

Our EMI lists are particularly good, but there are gaps elsewhere it would be good to fill. In addition, click here (pdf file) to see a list of Roger Beardsley's complementary collection.

For further contact details of record companies and distributors, see the listings by clicking here.

The lists include the following information (where known): title, date, pagination and binding.

Thus 'Introducing BIS Baroque, nd, 4p p/b' is an undated four-page leaflet entitled Includes labels: Ace of Clubs, Ace of Diamonds, Argo, Barclay, Beltona, Brunswick, Capitol, Compact, Decca, Deram, Ducretet-Thomson, Durium, Eclipse, Felsted, Editions de L’Oiseau-Lyre, Grandstand, London, Nucleus, Project, Qualiton, Rex, Some Bizarre, Telefunken, Threshold, Vocalion and Vogue-Coral. - Includes labels: Ammo, Angel, Ariola America, Arista, Asylum, Avalanche, Bell, Big Bear, Bronze, Capitol, Casablanca, Classics for Pleasure, Columbia, Command, Conquest, Dot, Double-up, Electrola, Elektra, Eminent, Encore, EMI, EMI International, Greene Bottle, GSF, HMV, His Master’s Voice, Encore, Famous, Fanfare, Fantasy, Harmonia Mundi, Harvest, Hitsville, Hot Wax, Immediate, Impulse, Invictus, La voix de son maitre, La voce del Padrone, Liberty, MAM, MCA, MCA Coral, Mercury, M.

These can be obtained on the secondhand market - the Goldring GL75 was a popular turntable in the 1970s and provides a good range of speeds around 78 rpm.

Alternatively, Rega make a new 78 rpm turntable with an appropriate arm and cartridge.

As with most collectables, the value depends on condition, rarity, fashion, but ultimately on what another person is willing to pay.

In the UK, the most common 78s are worth less than 1 pound sterling, which is good news for those starting out in the hobby.

If you have records for sale then please see my 78rpm Record Wants page.

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