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Over 12,000 piano names are included, some dating back to the early eighteen hundreds.

This guide provides references to serial numbers, dates of manufacture, factory locations, a brief history of many manufacturers and other pertinent information.

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In 1908 Chickering joined the American Piano Company due to the financial crises of the 1890’s but still continued to maintain the high quality of piano manufacturing it was known for.

Piano serial numbers usually have five to seven digits, but may have fewer or more, depending on the manufacturer and age of your piano. Here are the TOP FIVE places to locate the serial number of your spinet, console, or upright piano: Serial number locations are found: 1) On the piano’s cast iron plate.

On older pianos, you may find 3-5 screws, underneath the keyslip, that need to be removed (lift up, in most cases) to view the action frame.

The serial number may be stamped on the frame's wooden base, immediately under the keys.

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The Chickering piano company was established in 1823 by Jonas Chickering and James Stewart. Chickering took painstaking care down to the smallest detail which assured the Chickering piano the place of honor in the first ranks at the World’s Fair in London in 1851.

It was the first piano company in the United States. The Chickering factory burned in 1852 but a new better facility was built.

This book evaluates and compares every brand and style of piano sold in the United States.

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