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Incendiaries consist of a mixture of magnesium and aluminum powder, barium nitrate and colophony resin.

These ingredients are pressed in pieces and located inside the ballistic cap of medium caliber armor piercing shells.

All Russian projectiles below 45mm are surface treated (blued) for protection against corrosion and appear black, Russian 30x165 Naval projectiles are overall lacquered green.

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The Russian projectile designation system consists of a letter-number code that designates the type of projectile and the type of weapon to be used in.

It is used on calibers 25mm and above, below 25mm caliber the projectiles are only referred to as e.g. Example: BR-271SP The first two letters designate the basic type of projectile, in this example "BR" for "broneboinij" which means armour piercing.

Russian WWII headstamps of medium calibers have the manufacturer-number at 3 o´clock, often in a circle. and the year of manufacture below are imprinted at 9 o´clock.

The type of shell is sometimes imprinted at 12 o´clock.

Soluble Pyroxilin is nitrocellulose with 12 - 12,4% nitrogen and soluble in alcohol and ether.

Insoluble Pyroxilin is nitrocellulose with 13,2 - 13,5% nitrogen and it is insoluble in alcohol and ether.

It consists of a mixture of soluble and insoluble Pyroxilin that is mixed in a precise ratio and treated with alcohol and ether.

The nitrocellulose Pyroxilin is made of wood fibres and strong nitric and sulphuric acid.

Example: 4/7 powder has 7 tubes separated by 0,4mm to each other.

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