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It’s not common, but it’s common enough that it has a name, I know two people it’s happened to, AND I know someone who ‘rolled’ out of a moving cab because he feared it was a case of ‘Paseo Millonario’. If you’re not familiar with the city but you have a local SIM card and a smartphone, I would use Google Maps to try to work out the quickest route first, and then tell the driver, or write it down on a piece of paper and hand it over in order to try to prevent this from happening.You can then follow the route on Google Maps during your journey, if you have data.Asking them to drive more carefully can provoke a defensive attitude and often won’t make a difference. This will be pretty much impossible for you to detect unless a) you are a seasoned Bogota taxi passenger and are familiar with the speed at which the taxi-meters increase or b) you have taken the exact journey before and know more or less how much it is supposed to cost.

I’d say about 50% of the time the tariff is not displayed, so you either have to ask what you owe (which is basically an invitation for the driver to screw you over) or you can download the Calculadora de Tarifas app onto your smartphone and easily check on there.

Be sure to add the ‘Puerta a puerta’ option if you pre-ordered the cab, the airport charge if you’re coming from the airport (and this means the airport, not NEAR the airport as some drivers try to claim! Taxi drivers are not allowed to charge extra for dropping people off at multiple locations – for example, if you’re going home with friends and you all want to be dropped back at your respective apartments.

LAI is owned and operated by the Grisales family, which has deep roots in both Colombia and the United States.

Latin American Introductions started 24 years ago, from Labor Of Love.

If you hail one from the street, you really don’t know who you’re going to get, and you won’t have the same peace of mind regarding safety. If you hail a taxi in Bogota from the street, you risk being taken on a Millionaire’s Ride, referred to as here, which is a LOT less glamorous than it sounds!

It involves being temporarily kidnapped, held in the taxi against your will and possibly being drugged and joined by the taxi driver’s accomplices, before being taken to various cash machines and being forced to withdraw money from your bank account and handing it over. This has happened to me a number of times and can happen whether or not you have called for a taxi; you tell the driver your destination, and the driver, guessing that you don’t know the city well (being a foreigner), will take you on the longest route possible in order to make the journey as expensive for you (and lucrative for him) as possible.

): drivers have been known to sprinkle a drug known as somewhere around the back seats – for example, on the newspapers kept in the back pocket of the front passenger seat – so that when a passenger picks it up to read it, they become drugged and the effect is to make you do whatever the driver says, without afterwards having any recollection of what happened.

The usual scam is to take you to a cash machine and force you to withdraw and hand over money.

I’ve even heard of drivers becoming aggressive when people have tried to pay with a 50,000 note before.

My advice: try to break a 50,000 note at any opportunity (i.e.

The other scams are just annoying more than anything else.

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