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Affirmative Consent is an understandable exchange of affirmative words or actions, which indicate a willingness by all parties to participate in mutually agreed upon sexual activity.Consent must be informed, freely and actively given.

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The use of alcohol or drugs to render another person mentally or physically incapacitated as a precursor to or part of a sexual assault is prohibited.

The use of alcohol, medications or other drugs by the respondent or accused does not excuse a violation of this Policy.i.

Persons unable to consent due to incapacitation also include, but are not limited to: persons under age 16; persons who are intellectually incapable of understanding the implications and consequences of the act or actions in question; and persons who are physically helpless.

A physically helpless person is one who is asleep, blacked out, involuntarily physically restrained, unconscious, or, for any other reason, unable to communicate unwillingness to engage in any act.

It can occur between equals (e.g., student to student, staff to staff, faculty to faculty) or between persons of differing power status (e.g., supervisor to subordinate, faculty to student, coach to athlete).

It is possible for a person who appears to have the lesser power to commit sexual harassment (e.g., a student harassing a faculty member).

Sexual physical contact includes the intentional touching of another person on an area of the body generally recognized as a private part of the body, or touching any part of another person's body with a private part of one's own body or object, no matter how slight.

Sexual intercourse means penetration, no matter how slight, of a bodily orifice (vagina, anus, or mouth) by an object or by a body part, and/or non-consensual oral sex or anal sex.g.

For example, a position of influence could include supervisory or disciplinary authority.

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