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Pluses: There are many advantages to using a credible matchmaking service.

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If both parties accept the match, names and numbers are exchanged, and you and your match get in touch to arrange a date.

The service does the work while you have all the fun. Prices vary from almost nothing ($150) to $4,000 or more, depending on your city and the type of program involved.

Because the service does everything that you don’t have to do (interviewing, screening, and researching your matches), and you spend your time doing what only you can do (dating the people and figuring out who’s more compatible for you), this is the easiest, most time-efficient way to meet people.

Everyone burns out when they do too much of something for too long, so allowing a service to do what you don’t have to do enables you to date longer before burning out.

Since dating burnout is often a problem with other methods, this is a big advantage over library services, personal ads, and any other dating method where you do more of the work.

The personalized, confidential attention is often more comfortable than flipping through photos of prospective mates in a large room filled with strangers — or putting your personal information on a library shelf or in an ad for others to review.You’ve looked for love with online dating websites.There’s so much choice but often so much disappointment.Fake profiles or people who aren’t as you thought they would be when you take the leap and meet up.The solution is one you can take the first step towards today – a personal matchmaking service.At all times, you can rest assured that your information is safe and that your details will never be shared with a third party without your explicit permission.

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