Dating amputee

She said, 'Honey, you'll be okay.'" After multiple surgeries to repair a broken pelvis and femur, Ferreira was outfitted with twin prosthetics and began his intensive rehabilitation process. Hearing about all the things he still does made me realize I was going to play sports again, I was going to get a job, and I was going to be OK." On Jan.

"The Marines have a program of peer mediation, where they send out guys who've been hurt to talk with you," he says. 7, 2012, Ferreira finished the Disney Half Marathon in 3 hours, 54 minutes.

Shortly after having his daughter, Ferreira witnessed a traffic accident and saves a baby from a burning car. A dump truck collided with a car, and the car was smoking," he says. "Now I pull up my pant legs and people go, 'Oh my god, that is awesome.' If I lived my life secluded from the world, people would never get to see my perseverance and know they can push through too.

But while the scenery was a drastic change for the world champion (who is set to compete in the Paralympic Games in Pyeong Chang next month), a constant that remains in Huckaby's life is her ability to break through barriers.

And her The 22-year-old is the first amputee to ever be featured in the coveted swimsuit issue, and Huckaby says she is overjoyed by the outpour of support she's already received from other women with disabilities."[The response has] been extremely positive and uplifting, which I was hoping for,"she tells

"Before doing the shoot, I thought, 'Holy cow, I'm opening myself up for a lot of good, but potentially also a lot of bad.' I wanted it to be done right.

He was then flown to Germany and later Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland. My head was shaved and my skin was covered with black dust.

Being wheeled into the hospital, I had to lift my hand to get her attention.My achievements are no smaller or greater because I’m in a swimsuit.I will forever remember this day as one of my favorites.He was incredibly supportive and was asking questions.It's so different when it's genuine questions versus just trying to fill dead air.That wasn't easy, but you have to feel good [within yourself] in order to find other people that can make you feel good. Dating him gave me a sense of confidence because he was a popular football player.

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