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Montone also commented that in his first year as Amherstburg chief, a wide number of changes have been made.

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Miceli noted that “public safety is paramount” and that Tome was highly qualified when he came to town.

He added that Tome has made him a better public servant.

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“It’s been an honour and a privilege to be part of the Amherstburg Fire Department all these years,” he said.

Bastien also added he enjoyed working for the chiefs and his fellow firefighters.Ramsey said the Amherstburg Fire Department is “a tight knit family” and that she enjoys coming out on evenings where they are honoured.Natyshak couldn’t attend the banquet, but was represented by assistant Patti Hayes, who also paid tribute to the firefighters.Amherstburg Online Dating hasn’t changed much over the past decade, has it? Singles have better things to do with their time than worry about bots, spam, scammers, and actual fraud from sites themselves.When we set out to change the face of online dating just three years we knew then need to start from scratch and take a whole new look at online dating.We verify all profiles to be made by humans and remove bots and spam.

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