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Then set the Window’s Data Context to the customer Data Table: WPF’s Default Validation Error Template So if we were to run this as-is WPF would give us a default visual cue when our validation fails.The control is drawn with a red border indicating there is a problem, however no message is displayed. Prepare for your tech support phone lines to light up if you release this baby.The Style sets up a Trigger that sets the Tool Tip property to the validation message when the Validation. What about the rest of our controls like Check Boxes, Combo Boxes, etc.?

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The problem (besides being a sarcastic message) is that the Text Block is really covering the control and you have to hover over the edge to get the Tool Tip to display.

The other problem of course is that if we start typing into the field again the message won’t disappear until we tab off if it so that’s pretty annoying.

If you are using Data Sets on your WPF or Windows Forms, the Data Row View already implements this interface so you can just add validation to your Data Table partial classes and you’re good to go.

Just open the Data Set designer, right-click on the Data Table and select “View Code” and party on.

Now all the controls in the entire application can pick up this Style.

Replacing the Entire Error Template So far all we’ve done is specify a Style Trigger.

No problem, we can stick this Style into the Application. We can also specify that the Target Type=”Control” and then we can declare additional styles for the rest of our controls and base them on this one.

Open up your and add this XAML to your Resources section: We just need to specify a x: Key for the Template and then we can set the Based On attribute on the inherited Styles.

Here’s a “short version” example implementation for a customer LINQ to SQL class that performs the same validation on the Last Name field: Data Binding in WPF Now that our data objects are validating themselves we can data bind them to a form.

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