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He realized that society is an outworking of the family, which is, in turn, an outworking of sex. Like Bernays after him, Lukacs also reached for Freud—specifically, the stage in a child’s life when it experiences mild stimulation from any type of physical contact.If this could be extended into adulthood, the sexual atom at the heart of the nuclear family would be split.In the feminist rule book, this is a close neighbor of rape.

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As a polyamorist who prided herself on sexual liberation, orgasming during sex was far too déclassé. ” It transpired this difficulty had started when she volunteered herself as the junior member of a two-woman harem.

“If I wanted an orgasm,” she said, as if I were an idiot, “I’d use my vibrator.” A week later, the vibrator was gathering dust. An excellent way for a sexual revolutionary to prove her bisexuality, for sure; yet an odd way for a feminist to gain respect.

It eventually became clear that excursion from her personalized mental boudoir was triggering, including me asking about the status of our relationship (she requested a “code word” to shut down any such conversation).

The springboard for such mental gymnastics is refuting not only that ancient tool of repression—an objective morality—but also the notion of objective truth itself. This is taken from the eponymous film, in which an autocratic husband convinces his wife that she is losing grip on reality.

But, like “triggering,” the term has now been inflated to the extent of undermining its original—and very real—value.

Its new definition is not merely someone undermining your grip on reality, but someone undermining your grip on reality.

Anne was among them, keening and vomiting like someone personally bereaved.

The result had gouged more deeply into her private psyche than any public event should.

For Anne, these included the idea that gender does not place a high-earning white graduate at the front of the global victimhood queue; that social-justice outcomes might require some sacrifice; that dominating women is misogynistic even if undertaken by other women; or that Adderall-fueled rages were not the best means of political persuasion. She wanted to talk politics, but to do so was to dance in a minefield.

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