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Now those varietals populate the six-bottle wine case Anthony lugs around the league.

As Anthony dove deeper into wine, he began engaging in blind tastings, tasting groups.

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He got selected during the 1998 NBA draft by the Houston Rockets.

He played for several teams during his career including the Orlando Magic, the Sacramento Kings and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade started on riesling one night at Prime 112 in Miami years ago, now craves cabernet and, in a partnership with Napa's acclaimed Pahlmeyer wine, started his own label, D Wade Cellars, which features a red blend and a cabernet sauvignon. Chris Paul likewise started on riesling before moving to reds, now adores pinot noir, befriended a master sommelier, partakes in blind tastings and visits vineyards during harvest. " The man was Juan Mercado, founder of Realm Cellars in Napa. Anthony too went through a riesling phase, not long after he became intrigued by wine in 2007, back when he played for the Nuggets.

During a November game against the Warriors in 2015, when Paul was with the Clippers, he was bringing the ball up the court when he shouted to a man courtside. He would soon begin vacationing at wine-rich regions around the globe.

At Mayacamas, organizers had rushed to prepare for the Cavaliers, hauling away burned rubble in huge bins. travels with a wine case, one he toted to the 2016 Rio Olympics, bringing along bottles of pinot noir.

Now, after the champagne toast, players gather beside fermentation tanks before moving next door to a spacious living room, where glasses of 2015 chardonnay and 2013 cabernet dot a heavy wooden table. James tries to tempt rookie forward Cedi Osman, who, along with some of the other rookies, isn't into wine just yet. " James says, holding the glass near Osman, but Osman declines. "More for me." Mayacamas winemaker Andy Erickson introduces the chardonnay by describing how proud he is that it's not a typical Napa Valley chardonnay, not over-the-top with buttery-tasting notes. Warriors point guard Stephen Curry, a fan of Bordeaux, makes the hour trek to Napa to unwind, though he wishes he'd started doing so nine years ago, when he arrived in the Bay Area.

Unfortunately, Mobley had to retire early from his flourishing career because of a condition named Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

The same year he announced his retirement, he received the 'Philadelphia Sports Writers Association Award' as well.

Not many of the Cavs have been here, but Le Bron James has, and he recognizes that the area where he's standing now, the small clearing, once belonged to a building that is no more.

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