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Having the reputation of passionate and devoted wives, Russian girls attract men from the Western countries and mesmerize them.

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It means that you cannot be the first to start a dialogue – you can only encourage a woman to react somehow on your wink.

Most likely, after browsing the site for a while you would be interested in upgrading your subscription as there are so many Russian women looking for men that it would be hard to you to overcome the temptation to contact them.

A short visual novel about three and a half "love stories" starring a gay alien boy named Kale, whose matchmaking roommate Sugar is determined to help him find true love.

But when Sugar's a cupid with his own agenda and all Kale's potential soulmates are under a spell, can love really be all that true? i played your game oh gosh XD i kept forgetting that sugar was a boy geez so close to looking like a girl tho but props tho lol anyways great game lol honestly played it secretly to get sugar then did gameplay couldn't help it lol.

Glass Heart, for background art and setting design!

Over 1.5 million members use services of Russian Cupid.

The site is designed in violet tones that convey the sense of tenderness inherent to Russian girls.

The only noticeable minus of the site is that it has no specific application for mobile devices: whenever you want to chat or to scroll through profiles of the ladies you have to exploit your browser.

(There are four endings and it takes less than an hour over four play-throughs if you want see them all.

To make sure you're on the right track with them, or to read about the optional content warnings for everything going on with Adryn, for character designs and character sprites!

When you have the more advanced membership you experience more benefits: when you are the Gold member you have the right to text girls and give them phone calls, but video messages and chatting are available only for the Platinum members.

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