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In the case of a country domain they may or may not have another part which depicts the type of organisation.For example using the UK domain popular suffixes are: uk usually referring to a company; uk usually referring to a charity or volunteer organisation and uk referring to members of the academic community (schools, universities etc.).Interactive content – When the world wide web (www) was first created it was used mainly for static text content.

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The next part is normally company specific and in this case is penguintutor. There can be another section here at which point the domain is split into sub domain.

This is sometimes used by larger companies to separate their domains into different departments etc., but won't be considered further at this stage.

from the right-hand side is the top level domain entity which in this example is .

This may also be country specific such as or a generic top level domain such as or

If you will be referring to your website to promote yourself then you may want to adopt a more formal tone than a site to share ideas with your mates.

Your website should be designed with your target audience in mind.

In some cases these may at first appear to be obvious, but a proper answer to this question is rarely trivial.

For example even if you are looking at a simple personal website you need to consider whether you may want to use the page to supplement your CV when applying for a job.

It is applicable to all websites from a personal homepage to a fully fledged e-commerce website.

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