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Putting her career on hold to complete high school and graduate from De Paul University, she began acting again around 2003 with a role in .However, her next parts were simply one episode appearances and did not lead to any long-term commitments.

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, producers often look for stars that will work well together onscreen.

Regardless of whether the role is for a villain or a hero archetype, the cast as a whole must present a specific chemistry that appeals to viewers.

Also, permission would have to be given for the original owner of the rights to franchise, actress Monique Coleman was close to not being a part of the film.

Beginning her acting career at a very young age, she secured her first few roles from 1995 – 1997.

Even the other members of *NSYNC, Christina Aguilera, Travolta and Newton-John were approached to be involved with the project.

While the script did receive several re-writes and updates, the project itself was shelved until 2004.

Grabeel advocated for Ryan to finally come out in to bring some closure to the speculation.

However, with Disney would not support having an openly gay character at the time, and the idea was never pursued.

Frustrated by her career’s development, she was on the verge of quitting acting when she auditioned for and received a callback for was set to showcase a diverse cast of high schoolers in the 2000s.

Not only were the students varied in their “high school” archetypes and personalities but their backgrounds varied as well.

, the original movie was met with an overwhelming response.

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