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We have screen shots of how it all works below, organized to match the menu and a typical workflow.

First, Quick Books multi-currency support is off by default. Quick Books 2009 offers the ability to download the latest exchange rates.

Next, let’s go back in time to before we entered the customer payment to review the unrealized gain or loss that would be recorded by entering the described above.

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Home Currency Adjustment is used at the end of an accounting period to adjust your balance sheet accounts to reflect exchange rates on the balance sheet date.

Balance sheet accounts are adjusted up or down by the amount of the unrealized gain or loss and posting the offsetting debit or credit to an .

Home currency adjustments are calculated based on unrealized gains and losses.

For example, for a customer invoice, gains or losses are unrealized until payment is received; after that, they’re realized and a currency adjustment is no longer applicable.

There’s also a Currency Calculator that can calculate the . The foreign amount is the result of dividing the home amount by the exchange rate.

The exchange rate is the result of dividing the foreign amount by the home amount.

As you can see from the Currency List captured after completing the download, exchange rates for only 12 of the most actively traded currencies were available.

If you’re using a currency for which exchange rates aren’t readily available, you’ll have to enter that rate manually. US dollars) is the product of the exchange rate and the amount of the foreign currency.

Quick Books 2009 provides reports for both unrealized and realized gains/losses, so we’ll see this in greater detail when we review these reports and the impact of entering a transaction that originated in a foreign currency.

Rounding out the Multiple Currency menu are 2 help tools.

Unfortunately, at this writing, this link just opens the Quick Books integrated web browser and navigates to a general link that doesn’t contain information on using multiple currencies.

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