Chelsea handler dating e president

"My teeth and my boobs are my two best qualities," she told Howard, adding "I know that they're good breasts, but when you have good boobs you don't like them when you're young. I don't like that, that men can go around topless at a gym like pigs, and we have to sit there and wear like three sports bras. That's not fair to me.""Chelsea" returns to Netflix for Season 2 on Friday, April 14.

I got them when I was like 14—and it was embarrassing—or 12, actually."The comedian has gained attention in the past for leaving little to the imagination on social media, but she explained her motivation for getting naked has nothing to do with turning people on."I'm not trying to be sexual when I'm naked.

I have joined forces with EMILY's List to elect more women to public office, register people to vote, and campaign for candidates who are fighting for women's rights.

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Handler had built up a staunch fanbase, particularly among young women and gay male viewers.

show behind when her contract ran out at the end of 2014, but also has been distancing herself in every interview on the subject.

Netflix will continue its relationship with Handler, who will partner with the streamer on an original documentary that highlights her perspective on the current political landscape.

"Like so many across the country, the past presidential election and the countless events that have unfolded since have galvanized me.

She’s been promoting her book on a stand-up comedy tour that includes 30 destinations.

Geof Wills, president of Live Nation Comedy, told THR that Handler's tour will also include overseas dates.

Handler is still the only female late night host in what has generally been a male-dominated field.

Handler hasn’t exactly been tight-lipped about her frustration with E!

Handler is reportedly making million a year with an average viewership of 572,000 a night, THR said.

It’s a decline from 2010 when she brought in 839,000, yet Azoff suggested the research regarding decline in numbers might be off.

Fans of “Chelsea Lately” could be getting ready to say goodbye to one of their favorite late-night comedy shows.

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