Charlize theron dating jason reitman

And there’s the square, handsome love interest who seems ripe to be swept away by a grand gesture.

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Was there any personal experiences that you were able to draw from that you infuse the character with?

Charlize Theron: Yeah, I mean there was a lot of this that when I read it, it kind of came to me at a time when I had just gotten out of that dark place.

It’s an outstanding performance, from an actress who’s had a varied and distinguished career.

ditches the earlier movie’s sense of whimsy, aiming for something more ragged, to convey Mavis’ state of mind as a former high school queen bee who’s lost her buzz.

Mavis is a broken person, but in ways a lot of viewers will find familiar.

Just in time for Mother's Day comes Tully, starring a firing-on-all-cylinders Charlize Theron as Marlo, a wife and mom of three, including a newborn.We're all around the same age, Diablo, Charlize, and I, and we seem to be on some sort of path with this connective tissue and Diablo has a way of articulating the things that we're all feeling. Yeah, I mean I would be in right from the beginning. Yeah, and it's great when you will have that with a filmmaker.And so each time a new screenplay comes, it hits us right at the moment in our lives where we really want to say these things. I mean with him it's kind of like working with Jason. They make it clear that Mavis isn’t some well-meaning kook; she’s genuinely destructive.And Buddy is really better off with Beth, who’s creative has a deep understanding of what its main character is going through: how she’s still defensive about and embarrassed by the way she behaved in high school.As she heads back to where she used to rule, Mavis is surprised to find that most of her peers back in Mercury are doing just fine, living fulfilling lives while tending to their marriages, children, and careers.

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