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He’s also an associate of the British rock-band Chameleon Circuit. He offered the tone of voice of Stephen Fry on many of his You Tube video clips.

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He resided with fellow blogger Alex Day time after being elevated by his parents in Somerset.

He released the daily morning display Cereal Amount of time in June 2015 with co-host jimmy0010.

This was an obsessive work of passion that really helped me deal with a lot of my issues, however it is not only poorly written, very self-insert-mary-jane-my-immortal and 100 other fanfiction sins but also lowkey racist, sexist, and ableist.(You probably won't) Enjoy!

when dan was young boy, he had a best friend named phil. but one day when dan was thirteen, he came home from school to find that next door phil's home was empty, not even a single piece of furniture left.

Abnormals are human beings with special abilities, as a result of their genetics.

Chris and Phil are abnormals and have fought the war for as long as they can remember.The first wars brought the end of the majority of life on earth.Now, there are two remaining nations, who continue to fight.They'll sacrifice it all just to win 1 Million Dollars on TOTAL DRAMA YOUTUBE!Based on The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky exploring the relationship between Dan (Brad) and Phil (Patrick), two high schoolers who could only be together behind closed doors and found love at the bottom of a glass.dan had a hard time coping with phil leaving without telling him, but he's seventeen now. -lowercase intended- Inspired by the TV Show, Total Drama Island.

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