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I'm thinking that rather than trying to do this via Current Cell, etc., we should try using the underlying datasource instead.

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I have a datagridview that I would like to validate using the cellvalidating event.

however as the user doesnt navigate between cells or rows in the datagridview.

Sql Connection(Te Bound is absolutely the correct term. Then the user lands on the cell by mistake, types any character, realizes he is on the wrong cell and trys to move, now he's in big trouble. Item property is really only meant to access other rowstate values...

What you've done, is retrieved information from the database, and bound it to a dataset. From this point on the dgv requires a date, or a null. Anyways, glad you got it to work, although, try just using the columnname, rather than the datarow's . Anyways, glad you got it, and let me know if that does work...

column, its value is tested for validity by checking that it is not empty.

If the event handler for the Cell Validating event finds that the value is an empty string, the Data Grid View prevents the user from exiting the cell until a non-empty string is entered. If we do it this way, you will be able to put your data back to the correct datatypes! I didn't include the SQL string because it is quite lengthy (joins 15 tables). Data Member), Currency Manager) But I'm still having the same problem that the only way I can find to look at the data in the current cell is to look at "e.formattedvalue". Jake, The answer to my question is quite simply "Ctrl 0" The root of the problem was if a user entered any data in a cell of the dgv that was not a date, there was no way to get off the cell.Also, I would be grateful to know the correct way to describe exactly what I've done (i.e. ) 'String is created, now load the Data Grid View Dim Tedia Connection String As String = "Data Source='" & Server & "'; Initial Catalog=FSDBB1; Integrated Security=False; User ID=xxxxxx; Pwd=xxxxxx" Dim Tedia Connection As New Sql Client. The data in the Data View does not reflect that is in the current cell, and I can't find a way to set the value of the current cell to DBNull. In my example, if the dgv returned a null in a date cell it would appear as a blank (and properly so).Also, now I know that you've bound your grid to a datatable in your dataset, so with that in mind, here is some code for your validation. I was desparately trying to find a way programmatically to reset the cell to Null, and I couldn't figure out any way to key in a Null. So now I have changed my Sql query back to returning date values, and simply changed the warning message in the cellvalidating event to: Message Box. ' Get a reference to the underlying data manager, managing your bound table in your datagrid. Binding Context(Da1), Currency Manager) ' Retrieve a Dataview representing the data in your currencymanager. List, Data View) ' Retrieve the row that we are validting. Then, what hit me like a thunderbolt is that when I'm working in Sql Server Enterprise manager I key in ctrl 0 to set a cell value to Null. Show("Invalid Date format", "Invalid Date" & vb Cr Lf & vb Cr Lf & "Enter Ctrl 0 to clear the field") I would still like to know how to programmatically set the cell to Null, but I can live with this solution, I could not live with casting the date values to a string. Original Value of the column for the row, and if it was null, then we can simply reset that value to null.

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