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‘It may look as though I’ve lived a charmed life, but I’ve worked really, really hard to get where I am now,’ says Carrie, straining forward for added emphasis.

‘That’s something I repeat to my audience – you have to make things happen and create opportunities, not just sit about waiting.

Soon she made appearances in commercials, most notably a short Channel 4 ident – those little scenes that are used to remind viewers which station they are watching – in which she blew out a candle on a birthday cake.

At home, Tom would teach her dance moves that he had learnt and the pair would sing together for the fun of it, which helped Carrie develop her voice.

They call me up occasionally when they need another song, but that’s about all the input I have.’While she waited for something concrete to happen, Carrie began vlogging.

‘I started posting initially because I just wanted to get my voice heard.

She is an English singer, songwriter, actress (primarily in musical theatre), author and vlogger from Harrow. taken-by=carriehopefletcher As a child, Fletcher played small roles on television and appeared in musical theatre in London’s West End.

In 2011, she started a You Tube channel called Carrie Hope Fletcher (formerly Its Way Past My Bed Time), which features music and vlogs.

As a child, Fletcher played small roles on television and appeared in musical theatre in London’s West End.

Being picked on at school certainly hasn’t held CARRIE HOPE FLETCHER back.

This is invariably followed by a sob of retrospective regret from her mother that there wasn’t a similar book in her day to offer such comfort and encouragement.‘I gave my mum the very first copy to read,’ says Carrie.

‘When I came downstairs the next morning she was crying, and when I asked what was wrong she sobbed that she’d emailed me because she was too emotional to speak.

Here the actress, singer, songwriter, author, vlogger – and ‘big sister’ to the You Tube generation – explains why girls should learn to stick together Thus far, the reaction to the book, a guide to navigating the teen years, written by 22-year-old video blogger and musical-theatre star Carrie Hope Fletcher, has been evenly split.

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