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So when Agassi provoked him, I thought would finally see Sampras have some fun. He walked back, fixed his strings, imitated the pigeon walk, walked over the baseline then back.

Playing a guy over 34 times results in a pretty spot on impersonation.

Federer even asked Nadal to say something but Nadal was at a loss for words.

Why didn’t they mix up the teams to make it more even?

Then the main event: Roger Federer and Pete Sampras vs Andre Agassi and Rafael Nadal.

Up to that point, Sampras, and to some extent Nadal, was particularly quiet.

Tracy Austin, who was commentating, pretty much nailed it when she said it was just like when they were playing: Agassi was always showboating and Sampras was reserved and serious.

Instead of “setting the record straight” between Agassi and Sampras, Gimelstob thought it was better to “set the record straight” about Sampras’s tipping habits.

After reading and praising Agassi’s book and defending him as a person, I’m thoroughly disappointed.

But then Agassi decided to do his impersonation of Sampras.

I thought we were going to see the tongue hanging out, the slumped shoulders, maybe the service motion. Here’s a dollar.” For those of you who didn’t get it, in Agassi’s autobiography, , Agassi writes about an instance where he happened to go to the same restaurant as Sampras.

When the match was over, Agassi and Sampras seemed to hug it out during which Sampras said, “You know I only have love for you.” Then when Justin Gimelstob interviewed the players (skipping over Federer and Nadal), Sampras reiterated and said he has no ill feelings towards Agassi.

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