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This property is bound to give you the perfect lifestyle, allowing privacy and space for not only the family but animals too, offering approx 10 acres, fully fenced to accommodate horses and or cows.

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Special track includes several different styles of chicane, cross-over tracks, crossroad track and humpback bridges. There’s nothing I like better when the winds blowing a gale outside and the rain is lashing against the window pane than sitting down in a comfortable armchair with a glass of something strong and one of my Billy Bunter ‘yellow jacket’ books.

However, having read my Cassell and Skilton books many times over, I began to look more closely at the illustrations they contained. Macdonald it depicted Billy Bunter batting in the practice match that had been arranged especially for him.

When Lines Bros collapsed, its subsidiary Rovex-Triang, which handled Scalextric and the Triang railway brand, was sold off, eventually becoming Hornby Railways.

Although Scalextric remains based in the UK, most of the products are now made in China.

The speed of the cars was determined by handheld controllers and to make racing more fun the sets came with two small bottles, one of silicone ‘skid patch fluid’ to create on-track hazards and another of light oil to lubricate the model.

Standard track consists of several straights of various lengths and corners of different radii and degree of turn.The diecast models were as near ‘true-to-scale’ as it was perhaps possible to manufacture.Each model had fine surface detailing and the casting was outstanding with numerous features including removable exhausts, spring suspension, dashboards and steering wheels.So severe a crack that it sounded almost like a shot … Now coming from Yorkshire I reckon I know where the slips should stand and its not where Macdonald has drawn Smithy, but I’ll let that go and put it down to artist licence.However, no matter how you look at it, Smithy is definitely holding his injured LEFT wrist ! Now by my reckoning, Billy Bunter, Peter Todd and Tom Dutton, who together make up the usual occupants of No.7 study in the remove total three chaps.His chance came as Bunter’s flashing willow met the leather and the ball whizzed between the slips.

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