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I don't see you all day long or put you down for your nap, but I'm your mom, too.” Because pumping at work “was not an option” states Kelly, the couple remains grateful for the shared breastfeeding experience, allowing them to avoid supplementing Teegan’s diet with formula.

In fact, at one point, they had an abundance of breast-milk and made a donation to a mother who did not have enough.

If anything, I felt better knowing Eliza could stay home.” Co-breastfeeding also carried important social implications.

It was important for Eliza to have their older children see her breastfeed Teegan and she experienced a great deal of sadness when various friends and family members didn't regard her as Teegan’s mother.

“We were married on a beautiful fall morning in Central Park on 11-11-11 at ,” Eliza recalls with a smile.

Today, the Arciaga-Spears family includes 4 children: Senicka (14), Aidia (7), Joel (5) and Teegan (3).

At 9-month, Teegan went through a phase of preferring Eliza's presence “all the time.” It was “really hard” Kelly remembers.

At night, she would hold their daughter and say: “I'm your mom, too.

However, after reflecting upon the benefits gained -- including the fact that their baby could be breastfed on demand once she returned to full-time work -- co-breastfeeding “made sense on all levels.” But, what would it be like?

“We didn't know anyone who had ever co-nursed,” Eliza recalls.

Throughout their journey, Eliza often wondered about the quality of her milk.

She often questioned whether or not her milk was as “nutritionally significant” as her wife's milk.

Eliza relied on this medicine throughout her co-breastfeeding experience.

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