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He took that as a sign that his inclination to keep it simple appealed to others as well.

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She’s evoked the isolation of the Australian rural landscape and blended it with unspeakable horrors to create a chilling and subtle story that fans of Sofie Laguna’s will surely love.

It’s a book that will sit easily in the hands of fiction lovers and true crime fanatics alike - make sure you don’t miss this one.

A defensive end for the San Francisco Sabers, Flynn Cassidy is used to being in the spotlight—he just doesn’t enjoy it.

But if getting in front of the cameras will help his new restaurant succeed, he’s willing.

Book Description: WINNER The Australian/Vogel’s Literary Award 2018Ten-year-old Cub lives with her parents, older brother Cassie, and twin brother Wally on a lonely property bordering an abandoned cattle farm and knackery.

Their lives are shadowed by the infamous actions of her Granddad Les in his yellow weatherboard house, just over the fence.

Amelia is genuine and fun and Flynn can’t get enough of her—and Amelia loves every second she spends with the tough but tender Flynn.

But trust is a hard fought battle for both of them.

He hoped the crews would grab all the film and sound bites they wanted and get the hell out shortly.

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