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Hi again NC, It occurred to me that we usually have a free-for-all in the lobby, and although there is a general topic, it does not usually have a point to it.

I was thinking that we could have a real, current topic in a random catagory format, that the Moderator would ask each chatter to answer prior to their entering the room.

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I enjoy life, and like helping other people enjoy theirs.

Anyway, I think this is enough, just send me a message if you want to know me more. To chat with, go grab an iced coffee and poke fun at the tourists as the walk by.

I would love to see what gloryholes are about, but I just can't see me doing that at a random place. Have you ever thought about a machete or meat grinder or even a deseased person sucking your cock? Maybe in a group of people that you meet regularly and can trust to be free of stds and not going to become Wayne Bobbit. I actually specifically state in my profile that I do not accept IMs from people I have not already communicated with in chat or by site email, and that I'm not looking for single men, either.

We are all horny here, but being safe is more important to me than just throwing it in wind and ending up with something not worthy of me eventually dying over for a moment of bliss. I still get emails from men looking to hook up with me and random IMs from people I've never met.

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Just as there are some random couples where the male is bi and the female is straight, there are also going to be some random couples where the male is straight and the female is bi. "Straight male bisexual female" couples are heavily over-represented in many of the advertisements.

I can't help but feel that this reflects the fact that the women are claiming to be bisexual in order to satisfy the wishes of the straight male.

I like random things happening at random times in random places.

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