Big bust dating 100 persent dating

I try not to stare at a woman that has large breasts, but i will definitely look.

I do however look the person in the eyes while talking directly with them, as I would for anyone you talk with. It's not wrong to ask - but it will severely limit the pool of people that will interact with you.

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It'll take more work on your part to find out which ones, though, and you'll end up throwing some back, so it involves some wasted effort.

Overall chance of success would probably be better though. I have to agree with the other large breasted women above.

I'm sure they get the same messages I get from guys regarding that.

It may be hard for youto understand but imagine getting stared at and people, even friends and family, making comments about your breasts for years and years (or substitiute whatever body part) But, now that I'm older I don't really let it bother me so much.

If you had that on your profile I most likely wouldnt talk to you.

We've had to put up with some guys who don't really want to know us beyond what they like about our bodies.

They're out there, and for some people that's the right [email protected] erinlove, We all have criteria that we look for ex: job/employed, race, height, single/divorced, hair colour, education, weight, etc...

So why should we not be up front about other female/male attributes we desire? I noticed you only have a head shot (like I am one to talk,lol I do not have a pic).

If you provide a full profile picture and then the other person moves on, is that ok?

I can understand the attention you were/are given because you have large breasts, but is there any good way for someone to approach you or the subject, that is a breast man?

Would i be wrong in turning down a chance to meet based on the fact that the other person did not posses the required attributes?

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