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He also said Saudi Arabia was conveniently ignoring the fact that it, too, has supported various terrorist organisations.

He said that excuse was wearing thin for those who knew more about what was really going on in the region.

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On Monday, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Libya and the Maldives all severed diplomatic ties with gas-rich Qatar, which has been accused of supporting Islamist groups, including some backed by Iran.

"This is really more about geopolitics," Dr Rich, a lecturer from Curtin University's Department of Social Sciences and Security Studies told au.

People walk past the Qatar Airways headquarters in Doha, Qatar, 06 June 2017.

Saudi Arabia announced on 06 June the cancellation of all operating licenses granted to Qatar Airways and ordered the closure within 48 hours of all its offices in the country Dr Rich said the terrorism justification was in many respects a veneer, or an excuse, for Saudi Arabia to justify the dramatic action to the West - especially the US.

But while Qatar denies this, the isolated state is indeed sheltering and financing extremists and terrorists, the Counter Extremism Project has revealed.

The New York-based organisation has released two detailed reports on the extent to which Qatar is harbouring extremists and terrorists.

He said Qatar hopes its leverage as a rich nation puts it in the best position once the competition between Saudi and Iran is resolved. "Qatar is the wildcard in the region," Dr Rich said.

His views come as Bahrain Watch co-founder and Gulf Researcher Dr Ala'a Shehabi told au the crisis was about "breaking bones" for the isolated state.

Qatar has also been criticised for supporting Islamist rebels in Syria, and in 2013, the Afghan Taliban opened a Doha office.

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