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When crooner Ben Gibbard teamed up with downtempo electronic producer Jimmy Tamborello for "(This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan," an initially one-off collaboration back in 2002, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Intelligent Dance Music) was ambient and aloof by name, Gibbard was a mind-bogglingly earnest indie-rocker who would soon develop an army of equally precious fans to sing to.

(In more ways than one, Lewis acts as the Nancy Whang to the Postal Service’s LCD Soundsystem.

Live she’s unassuming, self-assured, and quietly guides the direction of songs that could easily succumb to over-showiness.) For "Natural Anthem" the singer channeled Dave Mustaine (her self-described spirit animal) and used her teeth to pluck a guitar melody out of the song’s reverbed scuzz. But it was Tamborello, dwarfed by a platform of computers, controllers, samplers, and a relentless fog machine, that was the true hidden hero of the night.

The producer is also the reason that the band’s arena-sized show managed to sound current despite its sentimental undertones – and relevant even to today’s indie-pop landscape, for that matter.

Those dated blips and bloops that he once mailed on burned CDs still translate beautifully live and, more importantly, feel ahead of their time.

Clamour for a follow-up was so loud that in 2012, the band had to come out and announce that there were no plans for a sequel to 2003's classic Give Up.

The band, made up of Death Cab for Cutie lead singer Ben Gibbard, electronic musician Jimmy Tamborello (who also performs under the name Dntel), and Rilo Kiley vocalist Jenny Lewis dropped their one and only album in 2003 — 45 minutes and 10 tracks worth of bangers — before fading into the mists of time and joining The La's on the Rushmore of bands who only ever made one album.

Gibbard and Tamborello originally teamed up on the 2001 Dntel track (This Is) The Dream Of Evan and Chan, a certified banger which illustrated the powerful chemistry that the pair share with one another.

It includes 2009's Best of the Decade Issue, which featured a unique group cover photo shoot featuring @jennylewis, Ben Gibbard of @dcfc, Bradford Cox of @Deerhunter Music, Kevin Barnes of @xxof Montrealxx, and @Devendra Banhart. Qx Ltiy RG ONE MONTH until @Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley, The Postal Service) is back in #New Haven w/ special guest @Karl Blau on Sat June 16th!

Like most of the Postal Service’s songs, the track’s bouncy orchestration creates a thick candy coating that nearly obscures the tension and anxiety at it's core. “Clark Gable” For most of its running time, “Clark Gable” sounds like a totally enthusiastic love.

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