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Tom_________________Buescher Lightweight 400 Other Buescher horns 1939--1955 GR65M, GR65 Cor #1If the older ones are in great, unrepaired condition with no silver wear and tight valve compression, and are cheaper, I'd pick one of those. if you can't tell, like I can't, don't waste your money.

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I would go with the lower numbers if the horns are in good shape.

I know some don't buy into the whole "true Bach" thing, but the horns that come after 646013 that I have played have all been good.

Get the one in the best shape with regard to valve wear and such.

Put a 7 or 43 pipe on it and get the valves aligned and then give her a sexy,exotic name and treat her with tlc and let her be your muse! Most of the time used Bach trumpets simply need to be cleaned out or have fresh valve pads (proper dimension! I buy horns all the time that people have grown to dislike and usually there's a ton of crap in them, especially that spot between the third valve casing and the tuning slide. Embraer 170/175/190At this point, if you are just coming back to playing, it is very difficult to decide, based on limited skills.

Pay attention to the mouthpipe that goes from the mouthpiece receiver to the tuning slide, and to the area around the spit valve. Pull the tuning slide and try to see down the mouthpipe. If any of these things are evident, these parts may need to be replaced at some point.

Get some light to shine up through the pipe by reflecting up from the bell. Nest, take hold of the valve stems and see if you can feel any side-to-side play in the pistons. If you sense definite movement, the valve is worn and will likely need rebuilding.It has Getzens Forever warranty on the valves which are nickel not monel. Usually well priced as well because Getzen sells it or markets it as a Intermediate horn but it is for all real world purposes a pro-horn! excuse me, but i think you are all forgetting the most important test here. Whichever one is not destroyed when you come out of your stupor is the chosen one._________________-GET OVER HERE!-1964 Olds Super Balanced Depleted Uranium single flue Harpoon (w/custom coprion hand guard i got from a 1925 Conn Erradicator.) Akright converted handle w/calfskin grip (143xx)What is asking for them?They are cheaper then a new Bach and have some added value in their design. Getzen has the Proteus which is a superb playing trumpet.I would say it is a tad more diffused and a little darker sounding then a Bach 37 but it is based off a Bach 37 bell. Get black-out drunk off of pineapple schnapps and go on a rampage.Don't base your decision on that scale alone, but it could help you decide. When you pull them out a half inch and let go, do they pop back to position, or close to it? Can you see evidence of corrosion anywhere inside the tubing?

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