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Rod Trent wrote an article about it over at Windows Supersite after it fixed the problem for him. Cortana is the built-in search assistant in Windows 10.

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It doesn’t happen all the time but that’s part of the mystery, because I have no idea when I’ll have an unexpected delay while a client waits on the phone for me to open up their records. This has been a problem ever since Windows 10 was released and it continues on my computer today. Instead I’ve had to develop the habit of starting Excel before I try to open a spreadsheet.

That’s not a terrible workaround but I still run into this bug nearly every day when I forget.

The Office programs are solid and stable and polished, the product of more than twenty years of steady development.

It is just odd to have a bug that leaves people fuming every day with no response from Microsoft, and no fix except turning off one of Windows 10’s flagship features.

These are odd times in our Windows technology world.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate Edition and it said that there are updates avaliable so I went to download and install them.

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Yet I have only rarely heard about it from clients, and there are only scattered reports online.

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