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ranked Atlanta number one on its list of “Best Cities to Find a Date in 2012.” But—with all due respect to statisticians—we turned to the real experts: actual single Atlantans. Not that we’re judging.) Here’s what the 280 respondents in our poll had to say about the state of singledom and the quest for romance in Atlanta.

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On screen, they stage a fight where Kelly accuses Jonah of lying to her while brandishing a realistic-looking knife.

She then "stabs" Jonah, causing him to fall back and "blood" to flow out of his body.

(Sorry, I couldn't resist.) The plot was very funny, and the prank was hilarious, though I personally would have preferred anything other that miscommunication comedy.

Do even the sanest people in sitcoms not know how to talk to each other and tell the truth?

It was a time of year where the park was pretty empty.

It was awesome.” —Description of the “best Atlanta date you’ve ever had” SINGLE STATContrary to popular opinion, there is no huge surplus of single women compared to single men in Atlanta.For most shows, I’m apprehensive every time there is more than one episode in one season mentioning death in a title, but Superstore is an exception.“Sal’s Dead” made me smile, and it was a good day to memorialize a character that I had almost forgotten about.This week's cold open was one of the shortest I've ever seen, both in the show and in my history of watching comedy.In the opening, a group of workers discover the corpse of Sal (Sean Whalen) in the walls of Cloud Nine, and the other employees gather around and figure out what to do about it. However, the cold open did the trick, setting up some pretty interesting stuff.For every 100 women here, there are 95.4 men, not nearly as bad as the ratios in Winston-Salem (88.6) or Birmingham (88).

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