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You can skip the other two moves if you’re able to start a conversation with her right away.But as with everything else in life, it’s not that easy to start a conversation when you’re feeling all vulnerable and shy.Step #1 Figure out her routine Does the girl you like work in the cubicle next to yours or does she come by to the same cafeteria for lunch?

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But one bit of advice and warning, this will take at least a few weeks of patience and you have to be willing to play it slow.

[Read: Surefire ways to make her like you even if she has a boyfriend] There are just three steps you need to know to ask a girl out.

Once you’re through with it, you can sit back and watch the magic unfold all by itself.

But it’s up to you, and how hard you work to get all three steps down to the tee.

If you can’t really start ask a girl out even after bumping in occasionally, then move on to the second step. Now you don’t have to get to know every single thing she does, but just get to know where she hangs out in college or at work, during her free time.

That gives you an opportunity to walk across once in a while.

You don’t have to talk, but it’s good enough if the girl you like knows you exist, and gets familiar with your presence.

Now if she likes to hang out by the cafeteria, or on a particular bench after college, make sure you’re there with a few of your friends.

Get these little bits of information and that can help you a long way. It will be a lot easier to spot her and make your move if you know her routine in advance.

If you know that the girl you like always has a gelato after lunch, then make sure you’re at the right place at around the same time.

While you’re out there with your friends, remember never to overact or behave like a monkey.

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