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In Leaping Off the Page, Rainbow Dash reads Daring Do and the Forbidden City of Clouds and imagines herself living her adventures.

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In A Royal Problem, Daring Do appears in a dream bubble as Princess Celestia views the dreams of everyone in Equestria. Yearling's retirement from writing books, which she reveals is the result of her bad reputation in Southern Equestria for causing damage wherever she goes.

In Fame and Misfortune, when Twilight's friends make remarks about the friendship lessons written in their friendship journal, Rainbow Dash mentions about the lesson she learned when first meeting Daring Do in person. Through Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie's urging, Daring discovers that her bad reputation is part of Dr.

After copies of the journal get published all over Equestria, Princess Erroria, among other foals, asks Rainbow Dash to tell them her story of Daring Do again despite the fact they heard the story from her multiple times. Caballeron's evil scheme to steal a collection of priceless glowpaz from the villagers of Somnambula.

With Rainbow and Pinkie's help, Daring gets her confidence and hope back and decides to continue writing books.

, Rainbow Dash goes to the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange seeking a first-edition copy of Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone. However, they do differ from the version seen in Read It and Weep in that the back covers also contain a few darker lines in Trade Ya!

Like in Read It and Weep, the book is referred to as Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Statue several times. In Castle Sweet Castle, Daring Do appears on a poster labeled Daring Do: Riddle of the Sphinx.

She surpasses the booby traps within and liberates a sapphire statuette shaped like a two-headed Anubis, all with an injured wing.

Her search for this treasure puts her at odds with a dog-like creature named Ahuizotl.

In A Friend in Deed, Rainbow Dash reads a Daring Do book in Twilight's library.

The book has a similar spine and cover as The Griffon's Goblet, but the title on the cover is Daring Do and the Sapphire Stone.

In Dance Magic, Rainbow Dash comes up with a music video concept that Twilight Sparkle points out appears to have been lifted from the latest Daring Do book. The special Mirror Magic is set on the premiere of the Daring Do movie.

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