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Screw Elysium, we want to hear about Guillermo's new movies Estupido and Ass-Face.

Jimmy's regular 'Mean Tweets' feature took an unexpected twist when Matt dropped by: When the all-star cast of Matt's latest movie dropped by, he wasn't good enough to get a spot on the couch. In this brief little skit, Jimmy couldn't resist the chance to throw in a quick diss of Matt being lonely and rubbish – and this time John Krasinski joined in.

I'm Matt Damon" – before sounds of a struggle and Jimmy takes over."Hi, I'm Jimmy Kimmel. The piece de resistance occurs when a giant Matt appears on the digital backdrop behind Chris and Jimmy and pretends to eat the host.

Inviting you to come fly the friendly skies," he says while Matt is yelling "you people are animals" in the background. During a visit to Jimmy's show, George Clooney brought his twins out to meet his host and the audience – with none other than Damon (the babies' "manny") wheeling them onto the studio floor.

A day after his team won the event, Matt took a victory lap all the way to Jimmy to make sure he rubbed it in fully. Trust me, I've been getting bumped from Jimmy's show for the last eight years and it takes a toll. " Damon snapped."So based on your physique, I guess you're breast-feeding the children too?

We're people, damn it, and we deserve to be treated with dignity."A United Airlines flight attendant is then heard telling Matt that they need his seat – "I'm doing the voiceover for your company, what do you mean, sir?

But it's all in good fun, so you don't watch the video going, “Oh no, I'm so uncomfortable but I can't look away.” Even if they do become awkward or tense when the cameras are off, you'd never suspect it.

The other great thing about their post-breakup relationship is that Sarah actually makes my personal Jimmy Kimmel approval ratings go up an impressive amount.

It turns out that you need more that one counselling session per year to have any hope of fixing your problems. With Jimmy attempting to run as the next Vice President of the US, Matt did the only thing he could do. Suffice to say, he didn't like them apples that much.

OK, the Ben Affleck suit fooled nobody, but Matt managed to get on set by pretending to be Super Bowl hero Tom Brady in February 2017. Only , Matt delivered a voiceover on a new United Airlines advert that referenced the incident that saw a passenger forcibly removed from one of their planes."We're United Airlines, we work hard to get you safely to your destination and that's why we…" he starts, before quickly going off script."I can't do this anymore because I know what it's like to get bumped. "No, I wanted them to get their nap so I brought them to a place where they wouldn't get woken up by laughter."Such larks.

Pity poor Taika Waititi, Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo, there on Jimmy's show on October 10, 2017 to promote when who should gatecrash and hog the camera but Jimmy's nemesis Matt?

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