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I thought that was the statue of liberty but whatever.


Just call your slut's name and i'll rush to your feet on my hands and knees.

As about living too far , my profesional/personal situation allow's me to travel on a regular basis to visit the right person , also take charge of all travel cost's if the right mistress want to visiti me till we get to know each other , After that i may relocate to my mistress or take charge of everything if she wants to relocate to me.

If you have any questions, you can simply ask the members of the site to answer, or you can visit their FAQ page and see if somebody already posted the question before.

You also have the Calendar page, where you will see the important dates of events, posts, and other things.

Anyone out there with similiar interests, male or female?

So last night I was prayin for deliverance and I kid you not, Jesus Fucking Christ (scrappy little brother to Jesus H.The design of the site is pretty much the same as any other forum website, so there is not much that can be said about that; expect that it is a bit plain.If you want to post on the forum or comment on already existing discussions, then you should create an account, because, without one, you can’t really do much.Other than that, there is not much else that can be said about this forum site.The only thing that is important, is that is a free forum site that revolves around pornography and fetishes, and if you follow the rules, you are more than welcome to become a part of their community.We would raise them as toys, with full knowledge of how they came to be in the world and why.

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