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A Guide to Technology from the author of How to Be a Geek Goddess. Celebrity fashion critique by two of the snarkiest women ever to blog. Focuses on sustainable, ethical, organic, and vintage fashion. They track and test beauty products and fashion trends without any ulterior motives and without regard to brand influences. A highly entertaining blog written by two friends who mercilessly review romance novels. Gorgeous photo blog of professional photographer Jessica Claire.

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Ann coulter dating democrat

She is doing her graduate work specifically on American food culture and the social history of food-related disorders.

Diane Cesa is a professional yoga instructor and therapist who discusses everything yoga. Margaret “Peggy” Polaneczky, MD practices medicine, cooks and waxes prolific in NYC. Toni Brayer, MD addresses the rapid changes in Science, Medicine, Health and Healing in the 21st Century.

Women are a force to be reckoned with in both business and the blogosphere.

In honor of these hardworking and insightful ladies, I’ve compiled a list of the Top 100 Must Read Blogs by Women. Head on over to our 101-essential-blogging-resources where we recommend some great tools and resources required to start your own money making blog. – you will want to check out the award-winning Small Business Big Vision – Lessons on how to dominate your market by self-made entrepreneurs who did it right.

Charlotte Hilton Andersen experiments with all kinds of health and fitness products and concepts and then blogs about them.

Rachel Richardson is a 29-year-old writer and award-winning journalist.

Even though Pamela is blogging for the BET network (as opposed to blogging independently), her posts contain much of her personality, smart analysis, and the much-needed policial perspective of a black woman. Patricia Murphy worked on Capitol Hill for 9 years and knows how hard it is to be heard as a woman in the political sphere.

Two women contribute their liberal views on current events. Taylor Marsh is a political analyst, insightful journalist, and talk radio personality who tackles provocative, complex and controversial issues.

Her goal is to educate coaches, athletes, parents and other physical therapists on the appropriate application of resistance training techniques for health and performance.

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