Andrea syrtash on dating

We're not necessarily pro-active about our health and wellness.

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When I teach a three-day workshop, coach a client or write a book, I can obviously delve deeper than I can in a 500-word advice article or two-minute video.

But all are important for me to do because I want to connect with my audience in many ways and across different platforms.

Sobel: While your advice is spot on, you are quite the risk taker.

For example, one of the most interesting episodes in a series of videos for NBC Studios in 2008 was titled "was my third published book and it's probably my favorite.

Sobel: In your first books and webisodes, you seemed to cater to a younger audience, primarily women.

But in 2011 you wrote “Cheat On Your Husband (with Your Husband): How to Date Your Spouse” — a book overtly targeted to a slightly older married, female audience.

I used to assume it was mostly young women age 18 to 34.

These women still tune in (especially to videos I've done on sites like Shape or advice I've offered in Cosmopolitan Magazine).

In 2005, I completed training at The Coaches Training Institute so I could work with singles and couples as a Relationship Coach.

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