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Alliance Academy offers quality instruction in a wide range of dance styles for all ages and skill levels.

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I’m here for the trainee jockey’s job.’ This playful, self-mocking approach set the tone immediately.

As Louise Osmond explains, ‘They all have a really well developed sense of mischief, and something else too – this idea that they could try to do something that nobody else thought was possible. Osmond says that as the story emerged, exposing layer upon layer of meaning, both emotional and symbolic, she could hardly believe her luck.

It is late morning on a freezing day in Cefn Fforest, Caerphilly, a village in one of the poorest mining valleys in Wales.

Brian Vokes, 67, unsteady on his legs and with far more tattoos than teeth, is making his way towards his allotment on a former slag heap.

Detritus – a bath here, bricks under flapping tarpaulin there – lies about the place.

This is not the kind of allotment that produces elderberries and chard.

Later, she will be going off to another cleaning job at a local school, where she will stay until 6pm.

Neither Brian nor Jan is interested in growing vegetables.

In April 2004, aged three, he was accepted by Philip Hobbs, one of Britain’s top racehorse trainers, into his yard: Sandhill Racing Stables near Minehead, set in 500 acres of land owned by the Crown Estate. Brian was on sticks, overweight and with no front teeth (‘I keep them in a jar but they’ve gone green’), adorned by his many tattoos and rings.

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