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"Daddy/boy" and "Daddy/girl" relationships occur in the BDSM world (though of course "Mommy/boy" and "Mommy/girl" scenes can happen too, and the players of any role can be of either sex).

Fairy-tale-type games are also almost a stereotype; imagine Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

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When we try to remember what's in the gaps between those memorable moments, what we usually end up doing is reconstructing the past based on those vague blurs and sharp moments, and of course we're doing this from adult vantage points, so there is a lot of other information that gets mixed in.

We fold in elements from the lives of children we see around us, in real life or in movies, TV shows or books, and from our own imaginations.

I find many different fetishes and kinks to be so exciting & just plain sexy.

Some hot ones are worshiping feet, dressing up boys in panties(cross dressing) and using strap-on’s with naughty boys.

To people in the scene, infantilism means one of two things.

It can mean the type of ageplay that involves roleplaying as a baby in one way or another (there are many variations), as I've already mentioned.Players may wish to reenact actual scenes from their own childhoods, or they may want the same event to turn out a different way in the end.Or, they may want to live a childhood they never had.It can also mean the fetish or attraction to this type of play (this fetish is called , often abbreviated to "ABs." Some psychologists have coined the term "paraphilic infantilism" to describe this, but I'm not sure it's widely accepted in the medical community.Although infantilism is mostly what I know, this talk is going to be about ageplay in general; I'll speak as broadly as I can.But these are just some commonly heard-of examples; people are very creative and come up with many more ideas.

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