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Aware that Nashville's Parthenon was being reconstructed as a permanent structure, he decided to donate anonymously a portion of his collection to be housed there.

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By 1897, African-American photographer Harry Shepherd was nationally noted for his photography and his activism. Dubois among others, who selected Shepherd to be an official photographer for the landmark American Negro Exhibit at the 1900 Paris International Exposition.

His profitable studio in St Paul, Minnesota served clientele of all all races, including the Minnesota State Legislation, educator Booker T Washington, and Washington's Tuskegee Institute. With its title taken from a slogan printed on his Victorian era cabinet cards, This is the Original and Only Harry Shepherd celebrates Shepherd's story and work with enlarged reproductions from the collections of the Library of Congress and the Minnesota Historical society, and video from the Minnesota Public Television documentary .

It was an attempt using pure color to imitate light.

Many of the artists in this collection studied in Paris during their careers.

Therefore, in looking you can learn something of the man who formed this collection by his choices.

These reflect a man who was taken with the landscape in its more unrefined form and had a diverse and unusual interest in figure paintings.

A distinguishing characteristic of this collection is that all of the work was done by American artists.

Fifty-seven artists are represented in the collection, most of which dates late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Almost all of the artists represented were also members of the National Academy of Design, a prestigious artists' league of the time.

Within the collection, many connections occur among the artists as among their paintings.

In fact, he purchased many pieces specifically with this destination in mind, eventually giving sixty-three pieces to Nashville.

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