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Home Repair The home repair cons are rarely reported crimes and often ignored by the law enforcement community.

God appears to the young Gypsy boy telling the child his act of thievery saved Jesus from having the nail plunged through his heart.

In payment for the boy's deed, God allowed the Gypsies the right to steal with no moral consequences ... Gypsies choose a lifestyle of thievery, one that is as natural to them as eating and sleeping.

This organized crime family, masters of fraud and false identification, does not associate with normal society and speaks a language rarely mastered outside the culture.

Seldom caught, rarely prosecuted and almost never jailed, Gypsies even have their own court, known as a "kris" where all grievances (marriage, territory, debts, etc.) are resolved.

Not all fortunetellers commit crimes and not everyone who enters a Gypsy fortunetelling establishment will become a victim. Fortunetelling establishments are found in every sizable city in the United States.

Most who enter will pay their ten or fifteen dollars and leave.Gypsies rarely work alone and are always in pairs or more and always use family.Fortunetelling This is the most recognizable of all Gypsy crimes.They look upon the rest of society simply as their "prey."The Cost of the Scams The Gypsy crime family population in the United States is directly responsible for an estimated billion dollars in varying forms of thievery annually.Gypsy hunter, Detective Donna Fitzgerald of the North Palm Beach, Florida Police Department says, "Most Gypsy crimes are directed at people who are the most vulnerable.Some will keep coming back until their life savings are gone.

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