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, excerpt: “.has trouble reading fluently and has trouble with writing and has been diagnosed with dyslexia and dysgraphia, but he is meeting minimum grade expected levels…” As Dan points out, RTI was designed to provide additional intervention for students who weren’t performing up to grade level expectations, but didn’t qualify for special education.It reduced the demands for comprehensive testing, which were impossible for public school school psychologists to meet.For a great read, check out Critical-Issues Facing Gifted Twice Exceptional Students and join our Stealth Dyslexia group.

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They may also think about information on a larger, systematic level or think in more abstract ways than their less gifted peers.

They may exhibit stronger problem-solving skills, due to their ability to think about problems in more complex and creative ways than their peers.

We chose a local K-8 for the lower grades and he chose his high school. He was given different work, different tests, and held to higher expectations to ensure that he was challenged and learning to learn rather than just coasting by.

He was able to thrive in his expected grade level and with his peers.

The problem with making this decision between 8th to 9th grade is that the expectations ramp up dramatically in high school, and 9th grade is often the pivotal year when students need their Dyslexia and Dysgraphia designations to apply for accommodations for College Entrance Exams like the SAT, ACT, and AP exams.

Waiting for a child to fail in 9th grade without appropriate supports can result in consequences that are hard if not impossible to reverse.

Though their talents may take different forms, G/T children do tend to share characteristics in common.

G/T kids tend to learn, apply, and remember large amounts of information more quickly and easily than their peers (at least with regard to their talent).

Formal testing is generally a component of the gifted and talented evaluation process.

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