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Being paranoid of weight rebound and gaining a bunch of fat, some individuals will continue to eat on their extremely restricted calorie intake and pound themselves into the ground with cardio to stay shredded.

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Eventually, it will get so bad that even fucking up a little thing on your diet could result in much more amplified fat gains.

This is not only physically taxing, but mentally as well. Essentially, if you cut down in a somewhat safe/smart way you are probably starting in a minor calorie deficit, slowly decreasing your calories as you plateau, and slowly increasing your cardio.

Let’s not be so hasty guys, there is one thing you need to know first.

When you have been chopping your calories by the week and increasing cardio sessions to several longer and longer sessions per week, This process is your body’s natural response to preventing itself from starving to death.

As you eat less, your body’s metabolism will slow down to accommodate your continuous pattern of eating less, and your body’s baseline for maintenance will slowly go down as well.

So, by the end of a 12 week cut where you started at 3000 calories per day and needed to get down to 2100 calories per day (hypothetical again) to get shredded, your body’s maintenance calories are DEFINITELY no longer 3000 calories.

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