best travel dating sites - 5 year dating anniversary gift for him

This is an easy addition to any gift that will class up his closet and tie in to the traditional theme. Everyone can use a long board, especially if you’ve got some sweet, sweet new pavement in your ‘hood. When was the last time you hit the pools for some skim boarding? That’s over 110 different wood fifth anniversary gifts for men – I hope you found something that will be perfect for your husband.

This hamper would be a great addition to a swimming pool or a bedroom setup.

There are other maps available by clicking on the “buy from Amazon” link as well.

If buying an engraved sign isn’t your style, how about making one? Much nicer than a metal filing cabinet, you can get wood filing cabinets that match you decor, or even specifically match your desk.

While prior anniversary years have provided opportunities for linen and other styled headboards, wood opens up a multitude of beautiful choices.

A nice new axe, adz or splitter makes an excellent gift for the log stacker in your life. This wooden airplane model kit will have him smiling like he’s a kid again.

Depending on league rules, wooden bats might be in or out. I am the sort of person who drools over everything and inhales deeply at Home Depot.

Thankfully, that means it is a fair bit easier to find things that will stay on-theme and work for your husband, unlike some other years. wood anniversary gifts for him, giving you inspiration for your anniversary gifts this year.

If you really want to play fast and loose with the “rules,” paper is made out of wood, so you can gift him darn near anything! If you skipped getting a clock for your first year anniversary, which is the “modern” gift from the Chicago Library list, now is your chance to get that base covered. Do you walk into furniture stores and drool over the stunning dining room tables, but realize that you can only really own one? Well, your fifth anniversary is your chance to fulfill your desires for a gorgeous wood dining table.

Regardless of the rules, though, there’s always a love for a wooden bat in the heart of every baseball player. Lugging firewood all over is hard work – this firewood cart makes it a whole lot easier. Speed up the process of getting ready for winter with a log splitter this year. There are oodles and oodles of woodworking tools that would make perfect anniversary gifts.

Whether an indoor or an outdoor bench, they are a classic wooden accent for any home. Even if you don’t have a dedicated bar for your home brew, refresh your kitchen with new barstools. The Bradley smoker burns wood chips and makes fabulous food. Need a stylish place to store your firewood this winter? For even more take a look at this list of 10 Gift Ideas for Woodworkers or this list of 20 Gift Ideas for Carpenters.

There are a myriad of gorgeous wooden wine racks available.

This reclaimed wood rack holds bottles by their necks, creating a very fun display.

Grab a beautiful new wooden desk, from the big and imposing to the light and compact, there are all sorts of choices.

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